Where to start

 People seek out psychological services for a wide variety of reasons. If you are not quite sure what you might need, or you are looking some advice on what to do next, I recommend a consultation. Consultations are typically to one to three sessions and can be used to consider if a diagnosis may be appropriate, if testing is needed, which treatments or interventions might be useful, and if there are other therapeutic disciplines that could be helpful.

If you already know that you would like to start psychotherapy, we will start by scheduling one session to discuss your concerns and needs. We will make a determination at that point if I am a good match for you and if we would like to work together.

Whether intervention is clinically recommended or you are seeking support for your own personal growth, therapy can be helpful. In many cases a short course of counseling can address targeted problems effectively. In other cases a longer term psychotherapy may be recommended or desired. After an initial meeting together I can give you a good idea about the likely length of therapy and which interventions would be appropriate for your individual situation. 

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

I work with children age 7 and up and adolescents. I provide individual psychotherapy, which is often combined with parent coaching for children and some teens. I do not provide family psychotherapy .

When working with children and adolescents I may use behavioral modification, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy for anxiety, parent coaching, insight oriented therapy, play based therapy or a combination of these methods. 

Adult Psychotherapy

When working with adults (age 18+) I provide individual therapy. I may use cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, existential therapy or short term psychodynamically oriented therapy depending upon what would best meet your needs and your preferences.  In some cases we may also use behavioral modification techniques in conjunction with a helpful family member or friend.     

I also offer long term psychodynamic therapy to adults who are seeking a deep understanding of their own history, patterns of behavior, relationship problems and self regulation problems. Psychodynamic therapy is a talking therapy based on the idea that thoughts and feelings that we may not be aware of can cause problems like those listed above. This is because one way that we all deal with painful emotions and experiences is to put them out of our mind; to make them unconscious. But even if we are not consciously thinking about them those thoughts and feeling affect our every day life and behavior. In this type of therapy it is common to meet more than once a week. If this is a style of therapy you are interested in please ask about it and we will discuss whether it is a good fit for you.    


Initial phone discussion up to 15 minutes to determine if I can provide the services you are looking for is free. Please feel free to call anytime at 720-591-4664.

Sessions are 55 minutes and $165 per session. Additional services for ongoing clients such as advocacy on your behalf to your school, consultation with other providers, report writing or care coordination work is provided at prorated psychotherapy rates per 15 minute chunk.  If you are a Kaiser Permanente Member, please call the Kaiser Behavioral Health Department and/or Developmental Pediatrics Department at 303-471-7700 to discuss your coverage and shared cost. KP coverage to work with me is limited to particular circumstances and diagnoses. If you would like to see me using your KP insurance a referral must be authorized by KP before services start.   I do not work with other insurance plans at this time, but I am happy to provide you with a superbill that you cant submit to your insurance or HSA plan for reimbursement.