Parent Coaching

Parenting brings challenges unlike others that we may experiences in our lives. It requires balancing so many moving parts, emotions and needs that it can be taxing even under the best circumstances. Parenting is likely to raise memories or childhood issues to the surface for adults that may have been absent for many years. Balancing your needs as a person, your child's needs, and your other family members' needs can cause people to revert to old or unhelpful patterns that you may need or want to change.

I take a mixed approach between psychodynamic therapy for understanding and dealing with old patterns; cognitive behavioral therapy for stress management and parent skills training for knowing what to do in that moment when your child's behavior is problematic. This way my clients can address their needs at each level simultaneously. 

Children who have neurodevelopmental differences bring additional parenting challenges and parents of these children are at high risk for stress disorders, anxiety, depression, and relationship strain.  This type of parent coaching tends to be more in depth and longer term.

We may meet for parent sessions only, or may alternate individual therapy sessions for your child with parent only sessions for you. We can make a joint determination about what options are best for your needs. At times I may be able to only offer parent support and not individual child therapy in conjunction due to availability.